Holy Grail: Beauty Products

You know when people ask you, what are the 3 things you would grab if your house was burning down. Well, aside from the sentimental objects, these 3 beauty products would probably be at the top of my list.

1. Nude by Nature Mineral Brush- Large


This Brush is absolutely gorgeous to apply on the skin. It is so soft to touch and has no sharp bristles. It is made of synthetic fibre and is great for sensitive skin. Personally, because I don’t own many brushes, so I like to use it for applying loose powder over my foundation and then use it for contouring/ bronzing. Whilst this is not ideal, it does the job fantastically and is easy to clean after usage.

This product retails for $14.95 AUD and can be bought at the online store- nude by nature or at priceline.com.au

2. Body Shop Born Lippy, Lip Balm- Watermelon flavour


This is my go to lip balm. I have tried out a few different colours and flavours (yes- flavours because they do taste very good) in the range, yet watermelon is my favourite. It smells so good and I wish there was a way to send a scent through a blogpost! I highly recommend this to anyone that has sore or chapped lips. It leaves your lips feeling moisturised and soft. I use it about 2- 3 times a day and then apply it at night to my lips to condition them while I sleep. You can still feel the balm on your lips in the morning!

You can buy this product at The Body Shop for $9.95 AUD

3. Napoleon Perdis- Neo Noir Liquid Liner



I have repurchased this liquid liner multiple times purely based on the tip of the liner. The Napoleon Perdis liner has a felt- tip end on it, which does not bend or flex when applied to the eye. This makes it significantly easier to apply the product onto the eye. This precision pen is fabulous, because you can create really thin lines by only using the end of the tip, or thick, deep lines by using the whole tip. The colour does not smudge and it is very easy to remove using an eye- makeup remover.

While it is expensive,  this is a fantastic liner and would be great for a beginner looking for something steady and not flimsy.

This product is $32.00 AUD at Napoleon Perdis Counters and their online store.